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Together we make the world a better place

East Coast Group places utmost importance on its corporate social responsibilities, actively engaging in CSR activities and adopting sustainable energy practices to reduce its carbon footprint. With a strong focus on education and healthcare, the group’s welfare initiatives have a significant impact.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We have had endured the adverse times in the market and look forward to gather achievements, which I believe we can accomplish by preserving our corporate tradition and integrating it with rewarding synergies.

Harnessing Unity: Our Force Behind Positive Change

Mohtasin Ali Chowdhury Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Kadipur, Kulaura

This was established back in 1989 by Honorable Chairman, East Coast Group-Mr. Azam J Chowdhury. This school has become a beacon of education in the Moulvibazar district. With a humble beginning, Mr. Azam J Chowdhury donated land, building, and infrastructure to provide access to education for the least privileged in Kulaura Upazila. Today, it stands as one of the finest institutions, recognized as the best school by the Secondary Female Assistant Project.

Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Diabetes Centre, Kulaura, Moulvibazar

Established in 2000, this diabetes center has been a beacon of hope for impoverished diabetic patients, offering them free medical treatment. With a heartfelt commitment, honorable chairman of East Coast Group, Mr. Azam J Chowdhury has donated over 40 million BDT towards the center’s development. Over 1500 patients have already registered and every day, 60-70 individuals receive the care they desperately need. Beyond treatment, the center provides diagnostic facilities and subsidized medicine. In a visionary move, the group has acquired land for a comprehensive diabetes hospital, with plans for construction and design underway.

Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Charitable Foundation

Named in honor of the esteemed mother of Chairman Mr. Azam J Chowdhury, Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that enables impactful welfare projects that shape brighter futures. From a pioneering diabetes center to winter clothing distribution and diverse relief initiatives, the foundation uplifts communities, leaving a lasting positive impact on lives. Join us in fostering compassion and philanthropy for a better tomorrow.

Marina Yasmin Chowdhury Charitable Foundation

MYCCF, the charitable foundation established in memory of former Vice President Mrs. Marina Yasmin Chowdhury, wife of Mr. Azam J Chowdhury, continues her legacy of philanthropy. Notable initiatives included the foundation of Mohtasin Ali High School, which has now expanded into a college with a new 6-story building. MYCCF actively supports mosque and madrasa donations, provides year-round relief distribution, implements zakat initiatives in 13 unions of Kulaura, nurtures talents through the MYC Cricket Academy, and many more.

MYC Cricket Academy

The academy made its mark in the cricketing world, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. They earned the prestigious runner-up title in the CWAB Tournament in January 2022, setting a precedent for their success. The academy’s players continued to shine, with 16 cricketers joining the Dhaka league, 19 competing at the district cricket level, and 8 making their mark at the division level.

Health and Family Welfare Centre, Kadipur Union, Kulaura

East Coast Group, in a remarkable act of philanthropy, has generously donated land to the Ministry of Health, Government of Bangladesh. This noble gesture paves the way for the construction of a Health and Family Welfare Centre in Kadipur Union- a testament to their unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community. As the construction progresses on the prime land, a beacon of hope emerges, promising to bring essential primary healthcare service to the people of this union.