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MJL Bangladesh Limited

MJL Bangladesh Limited (MJLBL) is a joint venture company between state-owned Jamuna Oil Company (JOCL) and EC Securities Limited (ECSL), an investment arm of East Coast Group. It is the first and only downstream petroleum company established by ExxonMobil in Bangladesh. ECSL now holds the majority stake after the oil major’s divestment.

MJL Bangladesh Limited is the Strategic Alliance Partner of ExxonMobil in Bangladesh and it has a state-of-the-art zero-emission Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) with an annual capacity to produce 150,000 barrels of lubricating oil in a single eight-hour shift.

As a part of ExxonMobil’s Product Integrity Management System (3PIMS), this zero-emission plant strictly follows the quality programs, which includes receiving the base oils from ExxonMobil, additives sourced from other global suppliers as per ExxonMobil’s recommendation, and formulation to blending ExxonMobil products.

The Plant is certified by ExxonMobil Quality Practices and Guidelines, Product Integrity Management System (3PIMS), and ISO 9001. MJLBL has added a Grease Plant, VI Improver Manufacturing, and Transformer Oil Processing Unit. A team of highly qualified, trained, and skilled personnel operates the Plant with a guarantee of hundred percent product quality assurances.

MJLBL blends and markets complete lubricant solutions for industrial, automotive, and marine sectors. A nationwide distribution network ensures the availability of quality lubricants blended and marketed by MJBL.

The lubricants blended and marketed by MJLBL are being used in powering the engines touching all corner-stones of modern developments of the country including motor vehicles, locomotive engines, river, sea, and ocean-going vessels, aviation and power, and other sectors of the country. Having the single largest market share of 31%, MJLBL leads the lubricants market in Bangladesh.

MJLBL also markets ‘Mobil’ brand lubricants in Nepal by setting up distributors under the blanket approval of ExxonMobil. MJLBL recently registered a JV company with EC Securities Limited in Singapore named “MJL (S) PTE LTD.” to expand its business arm to deal with a foreign investment portfolio.

Omera WRC

Under MJLBL, there are OMERA lubricant solutions. These premier-grade lubricants are being manufactured under proprietary technology with selective base oils and additives supplied by global majors.

Omera Lubricants is the proud sponsor of the promising young Norwegian rally driver Marius Aasen. The 1st Bangladeshi Brand to actively participate in International Motorsport.

Team Omera finished the 2013 Junior WRC (World Rally Championship) season with second place at Rally de Espana, and four wins in a row in Norway with a Ford Fiesta run by OMERA LUBE 1.

Omera Lube 1 is an advanced performance engine oil blended under leading edge Synthetic Technology to provide excellent wear protection for a smooth driving experience. The Brand’s stringent Product Quality Management System is key to the entire manufacturing process of ‘Omera Lube 1’. As a testimony of performance, Omera Lube 1 in addition to API certification is also approved by the BMW Group as “BMW Longlife – 01” engine oil after successfully meeting the rigorous testing requirements of BMW.

MJL and AKT Petroleum Company Limited (MAPCL)

MJL and AKT Petroleum Company Limited (MAPCL) is a JV Company of MJL Bangladesh Limited with Aung Kyun Thar Co. Limited, set up to carry out business as the authorized exclusive distributor of ExxonMobil to market Mobil brand lubricants in Myanmar. MAPCL was formally launched on the 3rd of July 2013.

The head office is conveniently located in Mayangone Township, Yangon and the main warehouse is located in the Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone. MAPCL also has a spacious satellite office and warehouse in Mandalay for handling the distribution network in upper Myanmar.

Omera Fuels Limited (OFL)

Omera Fuels Limited (OFL), is a joint venture between Jamuna Oil Company Limited (JOCL) and EC Securities Limited (ECSL), the investment arm of East Coast Group. It is a true example of success under public-private participation, with state-owned JOCL holding 25% ownership. ECSL holds the remaining majority shares of the JV company.

OFL is also a sister concern of MJL Bangladesh Limited (MJLBL) and was formerly known as ‘Mobil Jamuna Fuels Limited’ (MJFL).

Omera Fuels has established a state-of-the-art tank terminal with a storage capacity of 70,000 Metric Tonnes. The terminal is located at Guptakhal, East Patenga, Chittagong over 6.175 acres of land and is adjacent to the Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) of MJL Bangladesh Limited.

As the recently commissioned High Sulphur Furnace Oil (HSFO) fired power plants come into operation, OFL’s ‘base storage’ tanks will ensure the availability of required HSFO to power plants and strengthen energy safety and security for the country.

Independent reception and delivery pipelines will allow safe discharge and delivery, safeguarding an uninterrupted supply of fuel to power plants. OFL Tank Terminal has been built following international standards and complies with the best operating practices of major and state oil companies. This is the first and only fuel storage facility in Bangladesh with design and construction being certified by “Germanischer Lloyd SE” and the first terminal to implement an Automated Custody Transfer and Inventory Management System.

Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL)

Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) is a joint venture company among MJL Bangladesh Limited (MJLBL), BB Energy (Asia) Pte. Ltd., and Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden N.V. (FMO). Major equity of OPL is held by MJL Bangladesh Limited, the majority shares of which are owned by East Coast Group and the rest by Jamuna Oil Company Limited and Public Shareholders.

Currently, OPL has the largest and most sophisticated LPG Supply Infrastructure in Bangladesh.

The company operates four LPG bottling terminals across the country and can supply approximately 1 Million LPG cylinders in a single shift per year. OPL’s Annual LPG supply capacity currently stands at 100 000 MT and scaling up capacity to 200 000 MT by Q1 2018.

The company makes transportation of LPG in bulk using self-propelled LPG Barges through riverine routes. The OPL team meets the highest standards of Compliance and Safety, top-down through all stages of operation and across all functions, in parity with the standards of major oil companies.

The company is a leading supplier in the commercial LPG Market and has already occupied the 2nd position in all other LPG segments. Omera Petroleum Limited has also joined hands with Japanese LPG giant Saisan Co. Ltd., which is operating the LPG Business for over 7 decades, to set up the Omera Gas One, the first of its kind in Bangladesh to cater to Real Estate, Industrial and Automotive LPG markets.

In recognition of the company’s immense contribution to the nation’s energy diversity, Omera Petroleum Limited was awarded as the Best Private Company in National Energy Sector by the Honourable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in December 2016.

Omera Princess

The abundant river routes of Bangladesh offer seamlessly brilliant possibilities for bulk LPG distribution. Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) is the pioneer company to engage in such logistics. OPL has invested significantly in creating the self-propelled LPG-carrying barge of the country, the ‘Omera Princess’.

Based on European and Japanese technology, the Barge has the capacity to move 300 tons of LPG via riverways and coastal areas of Bangladesh. It was built under the supervision of Belgium-based DEC Parlym at Radiant Shipyard, Rupganj. Two more LPG barges named, ‘Omera King’ and ‘Omera Glory’, each having a capacity of 350 MT will join the Omera fleet in 2017.

The sole utility and collaboration of marine logistics in the local LPG industry have exemplified a revolution in itself.

Omera Cylinders Limited (OCL)

Omera Cylinders Limited (OCL), is a subsidiary of MJL Bangladesh Limited and part of the East Coast Group corporate umbrella. OCL has state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture the best quality LPG cylinders of all sizes and shapes in the region.

Omera Gas One Limited (OGOL)

Omera Gas One Limited (OGOL) is a Joint Venture between Omera Petroleum Limited and Saisan Co. (Japan). The venture is the first company in Bangladesh specifically tailored to meet the burgeoning LPG demand by the country’s residential complexes, and industrial and commercial sectors. Omera Gas One provides a large-scale LPG engineering solution through which it will supply bulk LPG to the above sectors.

In addition to the above sectors, OGOL is also involved in the construction, operation, and franchise management of LPG Auto Gas stations across Bangladesh.

The demand for LPG in household complexes, and industrial and transport sectors is soaring. Omera Gas One will meet these demands through the engineering, and construction of LPG-reticulated infrastructure and autogas stations. OGOL will supply bulk LPG to these users by adopting the best Japanese quality and safety standards.

Clean Fuel Filling Station Limited

East Coast Group owns and operates a chain of branded filling stations under the brand ‘Clean Fuel’. These filling stations provide Gasoline, Diesel, and Compressed Natural Gas refueling services. These stations also provide car care services and sell different types of lubricants, filters, coolants, and car care products. These stations also act as points of sales for the different products being blended and marketed by the group’s subsidiaries. Clean Fuel filling stations are located in strategic locations across the country including Dhaka, Sylhet, Bogra, Mymensingh, and Tangail. Auto Gas will soon be introduced at Clean Fuel stations to meet the growing demand for cleaner fuel.