EC Holdings Limited (ECHL)

East Coast Holdings Limited (ECHL) is a strategic asset management company within the East Coast Group. It aims to invest in sustainable businesses for shareholders’ value maximization. ECHL manages assets internally and serves as the group’s investment arm. It seeks to invest in blue-chip companies with strong market positions, growth potential, and the ability to generate superior returns.

Elysium Engineering Limited (EEL)

Elysium Engineering Limited was formed on 27th October 2022. The main objective of forming this company is to provide necessary engineering support to in-house construction projects of ECG and later work on a broad spectrum outside the group. Elysium's main motto is to ensure quality construction in an efficient manner. Shortly after starting its journey, Elysium undertook multiple challenging projects like Family Graveyard reconstruction of Honorable Chairman sir, College Building construction of Mohtasin Ali High School & College, Upgradation of Bakhtunnessa Chowdhury Diabetes Center, Upgradation of the Office floor of ECG at Marina Square, Construction of Commercial Building at Moulvibazar, Construction of Hossainpur House at Kadipur, Kulaura and many more projects like refurbishment of ECG house at Agrabad, Chattogram, expansion and civil works of Solar power plant, master plan of EC Organic Products Limited are in the pipeline.