Marina Yasmeen ChowdhuryMarina Yasmeen ChowdhuryMarina Yasmeen ChowdhuryMarina Yasmeen Chowdhury

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Remembering Marina Yasmeen Chowdhury

We have had endured the adverse times in the market and look forward to gather achievements, which I believe we can accomplish by preserving our corporate tradition and integrating it with rewarding synergies. We also take sincere measures in enabling our social responsibilities and we measure to reduce our carbon footprints, so that we can leave behind accessible prospects for the forthcoming generation.

MYC Cricket Academy

ECTL’s aviation wing represents Bell Helicopter ( & Aviall (pte) Limited ( in Bangladesh. Bell is the world leader in Rotorcraft design, production and support. Bell provides dependability for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Law Enforcement, Search-And-Rescue (SAR).

Executive Movement that other manufacturer could not in the last few years. Aviall is an authorized distributor of Rolls-Royce Engine Model 250 Series used in different Model of aircrafts. Also they distributed different manufacturer’s ground support equipments and accessories. ECTL has supplied a good number of Bell Helicopters & spare parts to Bangladesh Air Force and Bangladesh Army. It also supply spares & support services to its customers.

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