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Starting Growth Across Industries

With over 42 years of experience, we are one of Bangladesh’s most dynamic business conglomerates. Our diversified portfolio spans across Trading, Power Generation, Downstream Petroleum, Shipping, Renewable Energy, Plastics and Ceramics Manufacturing, Real Estate, Wood Treatment, Corporate Finance, Banking, Insurance, Tea Plantation & Production, Logistics, Distribution and FMCG. Our maiden businesses in the oil and gas sector still continue to soar as we strive to drive growth and create value.

Expanding Beyond

Pioneering the trade of petroleum and crude oil in the early eighties, our group quickly gained momentum, diversifying from trading bulk commodities to investing in manufacturing, FMCG, real estate, financial intermediaries, and banking and insurance. Our ventures now extend to the aviation industry and power development sector, solidifying our steadfast position as a force in the business landscape.

Strategically Investing

With strategic foresight, we expanded our investment arm, securing a merchant-banking license to oversee in-house asset management functions and establish ourselves as a trusted financial intermediary. Committed to seizing opportunity in an open consumer market, we have additionally launched our distribution company specializing in importing and delivering consumer goods.

Culture and Values

Building Culture And Values

At East Coast Group, our commitment lies in fostering the growth and development of our workforce, aligning their potential with the culture and values we uphold. With subsidized and nutritious lunches, we ensure, our employees are nourished both physically and mentally. To infuse a sense of camaraderie, each team member takes turns as the Food and Beverage manager, intruding regional culinary delights into our daily menu, fostering a vibrant and diverse culture.

Embracing Team Building And Motivation

Team building and motivation are crucial to our success throughout the year, we organize sports days, including competitive cricket matches with our corporate teams. These events allow our employees to unwind, blow off steam, and celebrate their hard work while fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Embracing Creativity And Nature

Our head office is meticulously designed to combine ergonomics with a touch of individuality and creativity while adhering to strict standards and operating procedures. The lush greenery surrounding East Coast Centre offers a serene backdrop, encouraging employees to enjoy their lunch breaks and free time amidst nature. Our garden area, equipped with power access and WiFI zones, provides a refreshing alternative for business meetings.

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We are on a relentless quest for exceptional talent, the trailblazer who will illuminate the path to a future of transformative change and boundless innovation. At ECG< we envision a world shaped by those who dare to defy conventions and redefine what is possible,

Step forward, to seize the opportunity, and become the catalyst of our visionary journey. Explore our vacancies and claim your place as an maker of tomorrow’s triumphs.

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